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Your Neighborhood Farmer's Market

Our company brings Farmer's Markets to neighborhoods like yours, where your residents will have their own private market in their neighborhood/community, allowing resident to Buy Fresh & Local. Our Market serves as a gathering spot to help build a stronger social fabric for your neighborhood, while supporting our local farms and food producers.


Each month our Farmer's Market provide your residents and families with access to fresh, organic produce & product, grass feed fresh meats, delicious cheese, organic & natural pet treats, locally grown vegetables & fruits, artisan food, plants nursies, entertainment, kids zones, KIDPRENEUR programs, local breads, farm fresh eggs, fresh juices, crafts, sustainable foods & much more.


Joins us in making Your Neighborhood Farmer’s Market the heart-beat of your neighborhood by Building communities, building neighborhoods, building lasting relationships. Click here to Sign-up Today!


Kids Activities

Free Kidpreniual

Market Play Zone

Little Farmers

Taking your kids to the farmers market can be a fun outing — but that’s not all. It can also be a fabulous learning experience for them. It's also can be an awesome way to sneak lessons in when their not expecting it. The farmer's market is a great place to teach about many, many things & a place to have fun. Come check out our Farmer's Market we have awesome activities for your kids, and get some ideas for farm-tastic things to do while you browse! For more information click here to Sign-up today!


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